Swatch Fan - Winter Swatch Fan
Swatch Fan - Winter Swatch Fan
Swatch Fan - Winter Swatch Fan

Winter Swatch Fan

Winter Swatch Fan

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Uniquely You! Each Color Me Beautiful Seasonal Color Fan is your personal, portable color landscape- in one convenient fan of color chips. Each season is scientifically selected to flatter your unique color characteristics- hair color, eye color and even skin tone.

Avoid costly mistakes by easily and consistently selecting items within your color palette, in any store and any lighting.

Feel your best when you look your best. With your color palette, you insure that your makeup, clothing and accessories will be flattering and well coordinated.  Look your absolute best with this indispensable styling tool from Color Me Beautiful, the color experts.

- 48 Custom Matched Chips

- Guaranteed Fade Resistant

- High Color Reliability And Consistency

Don't know your season? Take our Color Quiz to determine whether you are a Winter, Summer, Spring or Autumn. 

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Customer Reviews

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Winter swatch fan

The “swatches” are so small. But , it is nice that you can put it in your purse when shopping.

Winter Swatch Fan colors POORLY represent original

I purchased the Color Me Beautiful book by Carole Jackson when it first came out max my years ago. I had also sent for and received real, authentic fabric swatches for the Winter palette, fabrics which were of the true colors shown in the book. Each piece of fabric had to be adhered to its matching name on the cardstock fan provided. The completed cardstock fan of true Winter colors would then be stored in a white vinyl checkbook-sized cover with a clear inner pocket. This true-to-life set of authentic Winter colors was what I expected with the $45.95 fan I ordered 2 weeks ago. I was very, very, very disappointed and felt I wasted my money because the colors I received were far from being representative of real Winter colors... they did not come close to at least matching the colors in Carole Jackson's Cookie Me Beautiful. For example, the true color of Royal Blue is not included in the Swatch fan although the words, "Royal Blue", is provided but with a color that is definitely NOT royal blue. Having sewn my own clothes for many years, I was grateful for having Carole's fabric swatches to carry and help me pick out fabrics to purchase at the store. It is sad that I am not able to use this cardboard color Swatch fan to confidently select clothes with accurate Winter colors without making errors.

Donna Gensheimer
Winter swatch fan

The screw that holds it together was broken so all the color chips were scattered. I was going to try and find a similar piece to hold it together but haven’t had time.

Mary Lou Brodhagen

Love the concept. It’s easy to carry in your purse. Some of the colours are definitely not as indicated.

Winter Swatch Problem

Some of the colors seem to be out of order. For example, True Red is in between Teal and Icy Yellow, not in the Red/Pink section. For $45, I would have expected better.