Digital Swatch Palette - Color Print By Color Me Beautiful AI (Artificial Intelligence) Color Analysis
Digital Swatch Palette - Color Print By Color Me Beautiful AI (Artificial Intelligence) Color Analysis

Color Print By Color Me Beautiful AI (Artificial Intelligence) Color Analysis

Color Print By Color Me Beautiful AI (Artificial Intelligence) Color Analysis

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Color Me Beautiful, the company that brought you Four Seasons Color Analysis, introduces Color Print and Color Print Advanced, the next generation of personalized color analysis.

Color Print uses your uploaded photos and proprietary AI technology to determine your unique color season. This will help you find the colors that flatter you most, enhancing your natural beauty and confidence.

For best results, submit 2-3 photos.

AI Color Print Option One

Discover your perfect color palette with our AI-powered analysis, exclusively from Color Me Beautiful, the world's leading authority on color. Color Print will analyze your photos to determine your unique seasonal color palette, unlocking a world of confidence and style.

Price $25.00

AI Color Print Option Two

Personalized Color Print By Color Me Beautiful: Personalized Color Print Analysis augmented with Artificial Intelligence. Let the leading color experts at Color Me Beautiful examine your photos along with AI, to establish your season. We then provide you with a dossier with additional information on your color palette, and tips for your seasonal color scape. Plus trending colors in your season and makeup recommendations.

Here's what you'll get with the Advanced Color Print Analysis:

    • Expert color analysis: Our team of color gurus will use their cutting-edge technology and years of experience to identify your perfect seasonal palette.
    • Personalized color dossier: Receive a comprehensive guide to your colors, including in-depth tips and tricks to maximize their impact.
    • Seasonal color trends: Stay ahead of the curve with the latest colors that flatter your unique palette.
    • Personalized makeup recommendations: Learn how to enhance your natural beauty with makeup colors that complement your season. 

But that's not all! For a limited time only, with the Color Print Advanced,  you'll also receive a FREE digital color palette download in your season (a $40 value)!

Price $80.00

Your results will come directly to your email address.

Important Tips for Shooting Your Color Print Selfie:

1. Shoot in natural light. Stand facing a door or window facing a natural light source.

2. Do not wear makeup in your Color Print Selfies (don't worry these are strictly private).

3. Be sure to show us your full face, your hair (not pulled back or covered), shoulders and your neck in your photograph*.

4. Do not use a flash. Do not shoot in direct sunlight. Do not shoot with light from bulbs of any kind.

5. For best results remove glasses if you wear them.

6. Accurate results depend on being able to scan your hair color (in the photo), eye color, and skin tone (as you appear in the photo). Please review your photo(s) for color accuracy before submitting. 

7. We may ask for a re-shoot if the program has difficulty with your image(s).

*The Color Print system uses precision color matching and is based on the color of your hair in your uploaded photo. The results are in the traditional Color Me Beautiful four palette system which includes, Winter, Spring, Autumn, and Summer. 

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Customer Reviews

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Darcy Gibb
AI Can't replace a human!

I knew what I was buying, and purchased the "extra", with actual people looking at my photos. CMB bases strongly on hair color, so if your photo does not show this correctly, it's not sure what result you will get. I was looking to confirm that I'm an Autumn. (I was draped by another company) After reading the CMB book, I was definitely warm, so that would indicate Spring, since CMB says warm/light hair= Spring. Imagine my surprise when it came back Summer!!! In my photos my hair did not look as golden as it is, so that was the result, even after the experts looked at it. I did reach out to them and after some back and forth, we agreed with my hair color on Spring.
I would like to say that I did reach out to CMB and they were VERY responsive. They answered all of my questions and were friendly and helpful. I think after all of this, that I probably really am a "soft autumn" as these are the colors that look best on me.
If you want to give this a try, go for it. Just make sure the photo is good and that your hair color is correct.


You all are absolutely wonderful , after years of colors just not being right you have explained things and helped me so much. Keep doing your videos!!!

Patricia Formusa
Eh okay

I feel that AI technology could have pinpointed Autumn Cool or Autumn Warm. No communication from the date ordered to the date received was unacceptable

Negar Bartos
Very small , didn’t get the discount promised

The file is super small for the price .. very few colors .. and they said 50% off to get the digital swatches that they didn’t honor nor respond to my enquiry

Wendy Francis
Overtones more than undertone

Not sure that it is seeing undertone, but rather overtone. I’ve been told I’m cool undertone and warm overtone, yet this showed me as autumn.