AI (Artificial Intelligence) Color Analysis
AI (Artificial Intelligence) Color Analysis

AI (Artificial Intelligence) Color Analysis

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Color Print AI $15.00 USD Color Print Personalized $80.00 USD

From the company that popularized Four Seasons Color Analysis with the runaway best selling book Color Me Beautiful, comes the next chapter in Color Analysis- your personalized ColorPrint®. A detailed color analysis using your own uploaded photograph and our proprietary AI system that reads your Color Print to determine your season. If the Color Quiz leaves you unsure of your season we now have two great options that will take away all doubt. Simply upload a current selfie below (taken in natural light) and let us do the rest. 

Color Print® AI: The first of its kind, Color Me Beautiful harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and Colorprint® technology to analyze your own photos, pixel by pixel. Scanning for warmth, contrast and depth of color our program will place you in your season. Price $15.00

ColorPrint® Personalized: Personalized ColorPrint® Analysis. Let the leading color experts at Color Me Beautiful examine your photos to establish your season, then provide you with a dossier that gives additional information on your color palette, tips for your seasonal color scape along with trending colors in your season and makeup recommendations. Price $80.00


Tips for shooting your Color Print Selfie:

1. Shoot in natural light. Stand facing a door or window facing a natural light source.

2. Do not wear makeup in your Color Print Selfies (don't worry these are strictly private).

3. Be sure to show us your hair, shoulders and your neck in your photograph*.

4. Do not use a flash. Do not shoot in direct sunlight. Do not shoot with light from bulbs of any kind.

*We may ask for a re-shoot if the program has difficulty reading your season.