Swatch Fan - Summer Swatch Fan
Swatch Fan - Summer Swatch Fan
Swatch Fan - Summer Swatch Fan
Summer Swatch Fan

Summer Swatch Fan

Summer Swatch Fan

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Uniquely You! Each Color Me Beautiful Seasonal Color Fan is your personal, portable color landscape- in one convenient fan of color chips. Each season is scientifically selected to flatter your unique color characteristics- hair color, eye color and even skin tone.

Avoid costly mistakes by easily and consistently selecting items within your color palette, in any store and any lighting.

Feel your best when you look your best. With your color palette, you insure that your makeup, clothing and accessories will be flattering and well coordinated. Look your absolute best with this indispensable styling tool from Color Me Beautiful, the color experts.

- 48 Custom Matched Chips

- Unique Color Names On Each Fan Blade

- High Color Reliability And Consistency

Don't know your season? Take our Color Quiz to determine whether you are a Winter, Summer, Spring or Autumn.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
Sandy Holeman
Not as goid as the old swatches

Color Me Beautiful used to send actual fabric swatches out for each season. The new swatches are card stock, and they are packed together so tightly it is difficult to see each color.

Jennifer Olsen
Color Matching

Hi! Thank you for allowing feedback on your product. While I enjoy having a handy swatch book for comparison out shopping on the fly, I feel that many of the swatch names don’t truly match what the color printed is. It seems like it could be a difference in print quality (for ex burgundy is definitely a brown color swatch) could you explain why that is? I was also hoping for a swatch book with rounded corners like the image consultant had shown in our one on one. Excellent idea though for those aiming to dress in their color wheel to brighten complexion!

Sylvia Loffredo
The Color Swatch Fan

It is a convenient size to fit in my purse but the piece that holds them all together has come apart so I will need to find a replacement. I would prefer if it was broken down into the three different summer catigories, true, light and soft summer


The fan is an essential shopping tool. The size is perfect for fitting in one’s handbag.

Cynthia Cunningham
Colors are always the same

I had my colors done 30+ years ago snd received a color swatch. It is in tatters, so I got a new one. The colors are still relevant today annd are the same. The reason for 4 stars instead of 5, I sent an email saying I received one wrong card (moss green) and I was missing the Chinese Blue. Also the screws that hold the cards together was broken. If I had received a reply to my 2 emails, you would have received a 5. Otherwise, I’m happy with my swatch.