Synergist Duo

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These two serums work synergistically to create extraordinarily youthful-looking and feeling skin. It is skincare alchemy!

First, we have the Advanced Ageless Elixir an alpha-beta rejuvenator serum is used on clean dry skin at night after cleansing. This powerful serum contains Bilberry, Sugar Cane, Sugar Maple, Orange, Lemon, and Willow Bark Extracts plus encapsulated phospholipids to retexturize your skin with a chemical reaction that sweeps away the dead skin cells that cause dullness, and dryness while it enhances the reproduction cycle of new, fresh skin. 

Second, the Instant Super Serum is then applied mornings under makeup on clean skin and (here's the trick- apply again over makeup as a finishing serum). Instant Super Serum not only features tri-peptides, but an advanced formula of hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, cucumber extract, echinacea, green tea, hibiscus, guarana, orange peel oil, vitamin e, pure vitamin C, glycolic and citric acid that comprises a morning cocktail for the skin that is second-to-none.

These products used separately are excellent, but when used together the effect is nothing short of AMAZING!

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