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Oct 31, 2023

Hair color is determined by the amount of melanin in the hair shaft. As we age, our bodies produce less melanin, which causes hair to turn gray. The process of graying hair is gradual and can be influenced by genetics, stress, and other factors.

Our skin tone changes as we age, and so does our natural coloring. While gray hair does not directly affect the skin, it can make the skin appear dull and lifeless. This is because gray hair lacks the natural shine and luster of pigmented hair. To combat this you should wear colors that complement your skin tone. Doing this  can make you look younger and more vibrant. 

Not sure what colors are best for you? I recommend Color Me Beautiful Color for Gray Guide. It's a digital download that provides personalized color recommendations for people with gray hair. The guide helps you identify your seasonal color palette and provides tips on how to wear colors that complement your changing hair. The Color Me Beautiful Color for Gray Guide takes the guesswork out of choosing colors that work for you.

Remember If not styled properly Graying hair can Make your Skin dull and lifeless. By wearing colors that complement your skin tone, and using skincare products that hydrate and brighten the skin and, you can keep your look fresh. And with The Color Me Beautiful Color for Gray Guide, you’ll have all the tools you need to look your best for the rest of 2023!

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