Which Go-To Beauty Item Are YOU Most Thankful For?

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We asked our customers which products they were THANKFUL for (and why). We got lots of wonderful answers. Here are a few of our favorites.




I am so thankful to have this as my beauty go-to. I have used this remarkable mask for years. And while I will, from time to time, venture out to try something new that I get as a sample or find as a mark down- I always return to my tried and true “Veggie Mask”. As I have gotten older, my skin has taken on a coarser texture. Nothing returns my skin to its more youthful state of softness and smoothness like this product. What a paraffin treatment does for my hands, Vegetable Peel Off does for my face, neck and chest area. What’s more, if I skip a couple of treatments, I can feel the difference in my skin.

- Jan Hargrove






I am most thankful for my seasonal swatch fan (I'm a summer). It’s one item in my beauty “bag of tricks” that never runs out, gets me lots of compliments, helps me look younger and healthier, gives me confidence, and saves me money. What’s not to love? Here’s my own secret about swatch fans. I give them as gifts and people LOVE to receive them. All I need to know is my friend or family member’s hair color then I take the Color Quiz to find out their season. I did this with my sisters last year. We had so much fun trading clothes and doing online shopping after everyone got theirs. I plan to do it again this year with my book club!

- Darlene Hawn



Call me crazy, but I am most thankful for Eye Shadow Base. I know it’s inexpensive, but I can not make up without it. I never remember my eye lids being smooth, I would always envy women who could use eye shadow to create amazing looks. No matter whose eye shadow I used, or how expensive, it just disappeared- almost instantly. And then I found Eye Shadow Base and suddenly I had smoother eye lids like my friends. I had eye shadow that stayed on for the whole day. Then I started using my “secret beauty weapon” in other ways. I didn’t pack concealer on a trip and guess what… Eye Shadow Base worked great as a stand in concealer. Then I noticed how often I reapplied my lipstick, and I thought…hmmm? I used it on my lips, under my lipstick. And wow, mission accomplished. Lipstick that didn’t feather. So my vote goes to Eye Shadow Base.

- Candace LaFebre



We at Color Me Beautiful are most thankful for YOU, our loyal customers. You've been by our sides, cheering us on for more than three decades.

We love hearing from you all, sharing your stories of renewed self confidence and success - year round, but it's extra special during the holidays!

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