Surviving a Polar Vortex

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What is a Polar Vortex you may ask? Maybe you've seen it on the news but didn't quite get the gist past it being very cold, and everything will freeze. Well, a Polar Vortex is a "low-pressure area—a wide expanse of swirling cold air that is parked in polar regions. During winter, the polar vortex at the North Pole expands, sending cold air southward."

We have found a few useful tips to guide you through this Polar Vortex.


Luxuriate & Exfoliate


The variation in temperatures and the harsh cold air dries out the skin. Flaky, rough skin is painful and uncomfortable, so one of the BEST products you should add to your routine is a good body scrub glove. Not only are body exfoliant gloves indulgent but they buff the skin out gently, getting rid of any dry, flaky texture. I recommend for the best results use this 2-3 times a week and apply Skin Correction Treatment Cream as soon as you get out of the shower. 



Hydration Station


I am sure we have all been told about the importance of drinking water over and over throughout the years but I cannot express how many benefits come with it including the quality of your skin. Drinking water flushes out toxins as well as hydrates. It is recommended that the average person drinks 4-5 glasses of water per day. It is scientifically proven if you drink enough water throughout the day you will achieve glowing complexion and also refine the lines and wrinkles on your face. I am usually very bad at keeping up with this sort of thing so I purchased a larger, more sturdy water bottle and ended up only drinking 2 of those each day and that helped more than any chart or app has.





Cleanser Center


The use of a hydrating cleanser is probably going to be your savior this winter. I prefer to use more emollient cleaners during the winter to break down all the dirt and makeup. Using a balm or butter based cleanser pulls the impurities and toxins out of the skin without over-drying when you're probably already dry. Color Me Beautiful's Coconut Cleansing Creme is a one-minute makeup melt miracle. Gently removes the day's dirt and grim while safflower and coconut oil replenish and hydrate the skin.



Lip Love


Award-winning Gale Hayman Lip-Lift Conditioner is the ticket to soft and supple lips. I use this for priming my lips for a product, I use it with a damp wash cloth to gently exfoliate my lips, and I apply it as a lip mask to wear overnight. It is not only conditioning, but it is formulated to fill in fine lines while collagen, aloe and vitamin E nourish & fight free radicals.




Foundation Situation


Wearing a hydrating foundation is crucial to keeping up with your skin during the change of seasons. Even if you have an oily skin type, I would recommend trying out a hydrating foundation and setting it instead of a very dry matte. Applying with a sponge will sheer the liquid foundation out to where your skin can still breath so you won't break out. Try our Color Me Beautiful Moisture Complex Foundation!




Eye Cream Dream


It has perfection in the name, it stands alone as one of the best hydrating eye creams. Eye Perfection Crème is now a quad-action formula fortified with all the key ingredients this product is revered for. Still clinically proven to smooth fine line and wrinkles while hydrating, revitalizing and decongesting. But this new, advanced formula stimulates collagen and elastin production to support the delicate tissue around the eyes.





No Hot Baths

They may be relaxing but during the winter hot baths and showers strip the necessary oils from your skin leaving it dry and flaky even with proper hydration. 

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