Tis' the Season for Bold Lips

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Top Tips For Going Bold!
Bold lips can be pretty intimidating if it's not your usual style, but that shouldn't stop you for trying something new this season. Whether that be part of your Halloween costume, for a holiday party, or a night out, changing things up, and adding a bold pop of color to your lips will give you a whole new look.
Not sure where to start when it comes to going bold? Well, first choose a color that compliments your skin. Just like any other makeup shade, you want to pick something that compliments your season. The next thing to remember is, what are the rest of your makeup plans? If you go bold on the lips, then the eyeshadow and liner, and brows, should be a little more subtle. That's a tip to remember for all makeup if you want to focus on one bold part, keep the other parts subtle and neutral.
What Are Your Biggest Problems?
If your lip color runs into those little fine lines and wrinkles around your mouth try Color Lock Lip Pencil. This pencil is an invisible wax that fills in those lines keeping even lipgloss in place!
Lipstick Color doesn't stay in place? Try ColorFix Lip Sealant this absorbs the oil out of the lipstick leaving pigment to keep your lip color on for extended wear.
Whats the right color and formula?
(All shades are labeled with the correct season)
Color Renew Lipstick is a creamy formula with a rich hydrating finish. Try Cranberry, Frosted Watermelon, or Red Carpet, for some deep rich fall colors for a natural pop of color.


Lip Pencils will give a matte finish and fantastic pigment payoff. Try Apple or Tangerine for a bold lip line or fill in your whole lip with this pencil.


Mineral Lip Shine will give a glassy appearance making your lips look hydrated and fuller. You can also apply Lip Shine over Lipstick and Lip Pencils to provide a fuller-looking pout. Try Cherry Glaze for a vibrant red that will look amazing on all seasons for the holidays.

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