Psychological Effects of Color

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The Power of Color

Do you have a favorite color? Why rooms painted different colors can make us feel different things? Have you ever wondered if there is a specific reason why we are drawn to certain colors over others?

There’s an answer to all of these color questions. As humans we use color as a type of communication system. We receive unique signals and messages from each color. We even feel differently about every different hue!

How do we Perceive Color?


Red is eye-catching. We are drawn to it. This translates into determination, passion, leadership, power and love!

Season Favorites for Red

Spring - "Clear Red"

Summer - "Deep Rose"

Autumn - "Tomato Red"

Winter - "Blue Red"

When to wear red? On a first date.


When we see blue, it affects our mind more than any other color can. It is the color of intellect. It represents loyalty, peace, success and confidence! 

Season Favorites for Blue

Spring - "True Blue"

Summer - "Cadet Blue"

Autumn - "Navy"

Winter - "Royal Blue"

When should you wear blue? When you need to ace an important exam.


We receive emotional signals from yellow and get the strongest psychological response from it. It represents positivity, creativity and intelligence!

Season Favorites for Yellow

Spring - "Bright Golden Yellow"

Summer - "Light Lemon Yellow"

Autumn - "Yellow Gold"

Winter - "Lemon Yellow"

When should you wear yellow? When you’re feeling down, and need to be cheered up!


It is at the center of the color spectrum and represents balance. Humans see green as healthy – think of how much green is all around us in nature. It represents a calm nature, financial growth, charisma and health! 

Season Favorites for Green

Spring - "Kelly Green"

Summer - "Blue Green"

Autumn - "Forest Green"

Winter - "True Green"

When should you wear green? Nurses and doctors often wear green scrubs to put their patients at ease.

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