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The "Holidaze" is here and in full effect. I am a list person, trying to function off of lists and caffeine to remember things in my crazy life. So through out the year I will leave notes everywhere on my phone and desk. I usually find notes of things I think I would enjoy or even better, something someone I love would enjoy! So, I put together a wish-list for myself and for others including some of my all time favorites.

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Wishlist #1

Day 1 is all about treating your skin! The seasons have been.... undecided the past few years and this year has definitely taken a toll on my skin, DRY & DULL. It may sound like an easy fix hydration & exfoliation but its almost impossible to find a product that does both until now! Skin Correction Treatment Creme is the name and hydration plus exfoliation is its game. I have loved a lot of lotions in the past but all they did was put a waxy over my skin leaving it more dry than the day before and didn’t address boxy exfoliation. I used drugstore cream, boutiques, high-end and even fresh ones from farmers markets but none give long lasting results. This body cream is not only rich in Jojoba Seed Oil, Vegetable Collagen, Aloe, and Sodium Hyaluronate all which hydrate but Alpha hydroxy acids like Tartaric Acid, Glycolic Acid and Malic Acid to exfoliate.

PRO TIP: Try using a lotion applicator for those hard to reach areas. Here is our favorite!
 Vive lotion applicator for hard to reach areas



Wishlist #2

Day 2 Underglow which softens the appearance of fine lines and hide imperfections. This enhanced formula incorporates a tri-peptide clinically proven to help boost skin’s hyaluronan production and allow needle-free HA based face contouring, for a visible remodeling effect and firmer skin.



Wishlist #3 & 4

Moisture Complex Foundation is a holy grail item! This foundation is water based so it doesn't feel heavy, has a medium/buildable coverage and contains amazing ingredients to help hydrate my skin!


PRO TIP: Using a makeup mixing palette is not only more hygienic but it doesn't wastes product. With a mixing palette you can also mix foundation shades if you're in between the different seasons! This stainless steel palette is perfect not only is it affordable, easy to keep clean, and reduces my breakouts! Plus you can use it to mix lipsticks, lipgloss, primer and anything else you can imagine!




Wishlist #5

Kicking it into gear with Day 5 of our wish-list count down! It's prime time and I'm not talking about television, I am talking about makeup routines. I need to tell you about this miracle product called Velvet Perfection Primer. Built with hyaluronic acid to keep hydrating your skin while also giving you a smooth canvas to work on. The smoothing properties fill in fine lines and wrinkles instantly improving the skin's appearance.



Wishlist #6

Color Pro Blush

We’re blushing! So excited to shade new, professional blush formulations in our new Color Pro Blushes. Never before have our shades been so pigment pure, blendable and easy to layer. Shades available in best sellers and trending new shades. Ladies, meet your newest obsession!




Wishlist #7

Eye Perfection Creme is amazing I used to have everyone at a cosmetic counter trying to sell me a 3 step eye cream regime. One for de-puffing, another one for moisture and the third one for anti aging!! That is crazy when this product does all those things effectively in one product! Eye Perfection Creme is a quad-action formula fortified with all the ingredients this product is revered for! Anti-aging, hydrating, revitalizing and de-puffing the eye area. I highly recommend to anyone for the holidays for this exact reason, it's a miracle cream.


PRO TIP: Treat yourself this holiday season to this extremely useful and revitalizing tool. An eye cream roller not only makes putting on eye cream feel luxurious because of the cool to touch feeling, but it also is relieving any residual swelling in the under eye area. stainless steel metal ball tip doesn't absorb the product but instead just disperses it in circular motion. This improves circulation in the eye area which happens to be the thinnest skin on our bodies so it does need a bit more TLC!


We will be checking things off my wish-list for the next 9 days! Stay tuned for discounts and makeup tips!

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