Never Underestimate the Power of Great Brows

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Why Are Brows So Important?

If you shape and fill your brows in every morning, get waxed, or threaded, you can probably agree that eyebrows are very important. Shaping and filling your brows help to better frame your face, in ways that other makeup cannot do. Whether you have naturally thin brows, thick eyebrows, or not much shape to them, simply filling them in can make a huge difference. Shaping your eyebrows can also make your face look smaller, make you look younger, and draw more attention to your eyes. Take a look at some of the celebrities who had their brows filled in, and the way it changed their faces

How to Outline and Fill Your Brows Correctly

No Brows: Unless this is part of your Halloween costume this year, I doubt you will want to walk around with completely shaven brows. This makes Angelina's face look older, a little scary, and washes her face out completely. She has a great frame to her face, and it does not show when she is pictured without any eyebrows.

Thin Brows: Thin brows can look decent if you have a hard time growing any hair there or have lighter colored hair. But if you want to draw attention to your eyes and frame your face, these will not help.

Overdrawn Brows: It seems like a lot of people on social media love an overdrawn brow, and I can't figure out why. It makes your face look scary and the extra brow pencil does not compliment your face well. The brows on Angelina completely take over her face. If you think your brows are over drawn, try a lighter shade eyebrow pencil!

Follow these steps to create the perfect outline and fill for your brows:

  1. Brush the hairs on your brows up and out, with a spoolie on the pencil.
  2. Sculpture your brows with your pencil, using short strokes to line your eyebrows.
  3. Now fill in the sparse & hairless areas with brow powder.
  4. Brush your eyebrow hairs back down in place
  5. Repeat Steps 2 & 3
  6. Finally brush your hairs back up and in place with brow fix

Brows Are Shaped & Filled!

Shade Selection

Now picking the right shade can make or break the look of your brows. When it comes to choosing the right shade to fill and shape your eyebrows you want to choose a pencil and powder shade close to your the hair on your head and the hair on your brows. Going too dark can make your eyebrows look fake, overdrawn, or even scary! And using a shade that is too light can make them look too faint, and not create a noticeable look that you want.

Pro Tip: Dip your Brow Fix into the Brow Powder for a tinted brow gel!

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