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Forecast is a Wintry Mix and a 100% chance of glam! We are on the brink of a very cold winter and for that we have to be prepared with the right accessories to keep the cold at bay. Listed below is not only a few of our staples for walking into 2019 but it is also a look that can be pulled together. I consider some of these items staple pieces that I can use for winters to come. So let’s break it down-

Faux Fur Scarfs

We Styled Your Season for You!

Spring is Ivory
Summer is Grey
Autumn is Burgundy
Winter is Black


Faux Fur Scarfs are in season and we are here for it.. Giving dimension and texture to any look, this is an easy way to dress up any outfit. Not only liked for its fashionability but it keeps you extremely warm as well. The fact that these feel like wearing a blanket on your neck puts it in the must-have category.

Customers are saying

Macay25 Says

"Love this scarf, I have already ordered another one."


Pashmina Shaws

We Styled Your Season for You!

Spring is Beige
Summer is Pink
Autumn is Coffee
Winter is Wine Red


Pashmina Shaws are basically the outside-cardigans of winter. Easy to throw on, extremely soft and flowy. Throwing it over a long sleeve shirt or a sweater this is an easy way to pull off that last minute dinner outfit, use a a large scarf, or even wrap it into a top. This extremely versatile clothing item is and always will be a must have for anyone's closet.

Customers are saying

Mammy C Says

“First off , this shaw arrived in such a nice box... I’m honestly really surprised with the quality for the price . It is extremely soft and warm . Mine has two tones of the red. It opens up pretty big too, so you can wrap it around your whole upper body . I’m considering getting another one for my mom’s Christmas gift . She would love it”


Leather Tech Gloves


We Styled Your Season for You!

Spring & Autumn
Summer & Winter


Leather Tech Gloves with Cashmere Lining.. So personally I am not a fan of having “glittens” glove/mittens. I like being able to use my fingers without the tops being cold but it’s difficult using my phone. Leather tech gloves are specifically designed to be able to use on tech screens and devices with the bonus luxury feature of the cashmere lining.

Customers are saying


“These gloves are very stylish as well as warm. They are a winner the leather is very soft”

Skinny Leather Belts



All Seasons can pull it off!


Set of 2 Skinny Leather Belts that come in Black and Tan to fit all looks just make sure to keep it below chest height so it does not reflect the wrong shades onto your face. The quality of these are great and the color selection of black and tan is so user friendly. The size of these belts are unique in the way you could wear them in a pants look or you could also use them to cinch in the wait of a dress or a large sweater and it would look fabulous.

Customers are saying


“Pleasantly pleased that these are good quality belts. Just some basic, multi-purpose belts that I am sure my daughter and I will wear over and over. Price was great and even came with a tool to make additional holes, if needed. I highly recommend them. Great colors.”


There you are, accessorized and ready to fight the winter cold in style!

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