Tips for Youthful Skin - The Base

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Tips for more Youthful Skin

Working behind a cosmetic counter for 3 years taught me a lot on what works best for all skin types, ages and skin tones. Creating a more youthful appearance with the use of makeup can sometimes be difficult. Most foundations leave the skin feeling cakey and crepey. Building a base is the MOST important step because not only is the largest surface area on the face but it is also where more problem areas occur-(smile lines, forehead, jaw line and the mouth area) Prepping the skin properly and using a moisturizing foundation not only helps the skin look more youthful but most importantly it is doing something while sitting on the skin.


Why Primers?!?

Primers are a godsend because they lay somewhere between skincare and makeup. Color Me Beautiful primers target issues in preparation of putting foundation on the skin giving you a smooth and hydrated canvas to work with. With the loosening of the skin's elasticity, fine lines and pores are exaggerated. We have curated primers that directly target those issues you've been trying to solve with product after product.

--------------------- Underglow


Underglow is a unique product- it is a primer and skincare in one. Helps to soften the appearance of fine lines and hide imperfections while providing visibly firmer skin. This enhanced formula incorporates a tri-peptide clinically proven to help boost skin’s hyaluronan production and allow needle-free HA based face contouring. This product also gives you a "glow from within" look to the skin without using shimmer or glitter.

----------------Velvet Perfection



It is what it says in the name, a velvet finish blurring pores and fine lines. Infused with Hyaluronic Acid- this advanced primer formula is made with Vitamins A and E to keep your skin feeling smooth and sets a perfect canvas for foundation application that lasts!


-------------Moisture Complex Foundation


Foundation is the base of all the makeup you put on top of it. Evening out the skin tone and providing nourishing ingredients is what you should be looking for in a foundation. Moisture Complex Foundation is one of Color Me Beautiful’s Best Sellers for a reason! This water based liquid foundation protects and moisturizes with aloe, sesame and sweet almond oil while collagen and elastin nourish and condition.


------Camouflage Concealer & Corrective Concealer 


Spot Concealing
, Contour Concealing or Corrective Concealing are important to have in your makeup knowledge arsenal for different types of occasions or all 3 just because! Spot concealing- I would recommend for everyday and doing it after you apply foundation. Contour concealing is just placing concealer in certain areas (underneath cheek bones, temples and jawline) after foundation application to pull forward or create shadow- giving your face a more lifted look. Color correcting is amazing for someone with very pigmented skin, redness or intense dark circles because the colored concealer has pigments to correct the purple, red and yellow tones of the skin. Applying this underneath of foundation will give your base a smooth, even and completed look.

--------Color Pro Blush & Illuminance Highlighting Powderr


With age everyone tells you to stay away from color but it should be the opposite in lipstick but also blush! When applying blush start at the back of the cheekbone and pull forward because you can always add but its harder to take away. As a rule of thumb I usually stop where the corner of my eye or the center of my iris is. I do this because pulling too much color forward will exaggerate texture and make it look like redness on the face not blush. A dewy look is possible for every skin type I recommend applying a light dusting of powder over the entire face then adding a glow on the tops of your cheekbones and brow bone, to pull forward your features. You can achieve a glow from within look with Color Me Beautiful's Illuminance Highlighting Powder. This is a finely milled powder so it will not come out glittery and give any added texture to the skin.

Apply these steps to your beauty routine and you will achieve a more youthful & radiant appearance. Stay glamorous! 

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