Pantone 2019 - Living Coral

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Pantone Color 2019

We here at Color Me Beautiful are living for this year's Pantone Color of the Year "Living Coral" and once you see how we styled it for all seasons you'll be loving it too! Every year when they release the color of the year every brand and merchandiser is comes out with atleast one product of featuring one so our Color Me Beautiful fan's are all asking how will each season be able to wear this color? Isn't Coral a warm undertone? The answer is all in your swatch fans! Let us guide you on the best ways to wear the Color of the Year!


Loving the 2019 Pantone Color as much as we do? Dress your desk with this year's MUST-have color Living Coral!

Pantone Color of the Year Calendar Notebook in Living Coral 
Pantone Color of the Year Collector's Mug in Living Coral

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