Labor Day Weekend Beauty Needs

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The last long weekend of summer is just one day away and we are ready! For a quick beach trip, a drive to the city, or a few days lounging by the pool means you'll need some of the best summer beauty products to add to your travel bag. So pack your bikini, towel, and snacks for the weekend and we got you covered on all the beauty necessities!




Daily Defense Light SPF 15

Every occasion calls for moisturizer. But this weekend you definitely want to take a moisturizer with you that contains SPF. We all know how tiring being out in the sun can be on our bodies, so imagine how much those UV rays are affecting your skin. Keep yourself protected by bringing along Daily Defense Light SPF 15 with you on your trip.

Daily Defense Light SPF 15


Nail Lacquer
Nail Lacquer - Feelin' Hot Hot Hot

Before you leave for the weekend you want to be looking your best and brightest. So we have chosen Feelin' Hot Hot Hot for a quick home done mani/pedi. It's bright and fun, and will look great with whatever bikini you decide to wear.



If you're at the beach or at the pool, you probably don't want to have 7 layers of makeup on all day, so Underglow is the perfect solution to add a little shimmer to your look. This product will help to soften your skin and hide the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


After long days out in the sun, your skin will be begging for some extra hydration. Use our Lemon-Lime Freshener to cleanse your face and keep it feeling hydrated. Made from lemon and lime extracts, your skin will be feeling soft and refreshed.

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