Beauty Benefits of Papaya

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Beauty Benefits of Papaya

The sweet and delicious papaya fruit is good for more than just eating. It is a wonderful fruit with many benefits for your skin too! From its skin brightening effects, help with dead skin cells, to its ease on the most sensitive of skin, papaya products are something you will want to add into your skincare routine.
Now let's talk its power. Remember those environmental and self-stressors called free radicals? Papaya is enriched with powerful antioxidants that have the ability to fight these free radicals. Vitamins C and A are both present in papaya and work to keep your skin free from free radical damage. These antioxidants also protect against aging, reduce wrinkles, and help to repair already damaged skin.
Papaya is a great moisturizer that can help smooth even the roughest and most damaged skin. It also helps fight skin pigmentation, by brightening and evening out skin tone.


The Papaya Package

We love papaya because of its many skin benefits and enjoy these three products that are packed with papaya and all of its many uses.

Papaya Enzyme Cleanser: This self-foaming cleanser helps to remove makeup, dirt, and oil from the skin, while the papaya scent soothes the skin. This is the perfect cleanser to use after a long day to relieve your skin and provide it with the ultimate hydration.

Papaya Enzyme Toner: The toner is infused with natural enzymes and refines skins texture for firmer and smoother looking skin. Use this toner to prepare your skin for moisturizers and help to restore the skins natural PH balance.

Papaya Brightening Polish: Made with papaya enzymes and alpha-hydroxy acids, the ultimate skin care necessities. This polish hydrate and exfoliate skin to help fight against everyday stressors and create soft supple skin everyone wants.

Of if you already love Papaya like we do or want to try them all, you can try all three together with our Papaya Brightening System!

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